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I refinanced my mortgage with Franklin First Financial only to have it sold less than one month after closing. I received a letter from them requesting the first month mortgage when the loan had been sold to another bank which was also requesting the mortgage payment.

Franklin First has contacted my employer on at least 6 different occasions and informed my boss that I was not paying my mortgage payment and was in default of my loan. I was let go from my job and they still continued calling my former employer and disclosing personal financial information. They have also called my sister on several occasions and left voice mails indicating that they were looking for me because I did not pay my mortgage. As if all the calls were not enough, they also showed up at my home and spoke to my 70 year old mother and told her that I was delinquent and they were going to foreclose on my house.

I came home to find my mother in tears that we were going to loose our home. I have never heard of a company that comes and knocks on your door to collect on your mortgage, If I did owe them that first month mortgage they would simply file a judgement against me and my home, but since they are trying to scam me out of one mortgage payment they are resorting to harassment tactics which are not only illegal but unethical.

I am contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as the Banking Department and filing a complaint.

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All mortgage companies will send someone to your home and if they can't see in the house and tell if your living there they will drill the locks and enter. This is what I do for a living. GMAC, FM, Chase, Bank of America, etc

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